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We welcome you to take advantage of our unmatched vendor support and sales system by opening your own shop. Own your own space today and let us help you move your products fast and efficiently. Click the “Open your shop” button below to follow the simple 2-minute registration process.

Simply click on the “Open a Marketplace Shop” link below and follow the registration process. It is quick and easy. So, create your seller account now and list all your products in few steps and absolutely for free. You’re just a few steps away from becoming a seller on Africasokoni

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Convenience and freedom

With Africasokoni you never again have to worry about order fulfillment. When you set up shop, we will market, manage sales, close sales, and send you your money. Yes, it is that simple. Simply register and define your products and we take it from there. We worry about the small stuff so you can keep your mind of creating great products.

Add Unlimited Products

Now that you are free from the complexities around managing the sales process, you can find and create more products. We do not limit you. You can add as many products as you can find. All that at no cost.

Control the marketing message

We do a pretty awesome job at marketing your products, but truth is nobody knows your product better than you. That is why we now allow you to connect your Africasokoni shop with your personal social media profile. That way you can control the marketing message for your products. Industry research reveals that the best selling sellers are those who link their shops to their social media profiles. These sellers are able to reach more buyers faster.

Customer care support

We not only support you, we support your buyers as well. We have a live chat system that monitors all your buyers IN REAL TIME. That means when the buyer is on the Africasokoni.co.ke website, he or she has chance to ask any question to our appointed customer care executive. Try it today and you will be awed by the ease and efficiency of the chat system. Again, we do this for you for free because when your growth and success is our primary concern. What more could a seller ask for? Open your shop for free today and start selling. Your success is our primary concern.

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