AfricaSokoni Bulk Purchase

AfricaSokoni Bulk Purchase is our marketplace for corporate/business customers who make bulk purchases. Every part of our business communicates with another to create a well-oiled, tried and true e-commerce machine. We have a wide range of products for individuals, traders, re-sellers, companies or organizations, to enable you shop at one place with the benefit of corporate bulk discounts. With AfricaSokoni Bulk Purchase, you shall receive nothing short of a highly relevant and seamless interaction on every touch point, at every time.

Corporate Discount

AfricaSokoni corporate discountoffers individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises the unprecedented opportunity to save on all corporate purchases.

One Stop Shop

Get all your supplies in one place - with access to thousands of products on our marketplace.

Real-time assistance

AfricaSokoni offersreal-time support round the clock to ensure you get the very best experience.

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