The tech world has really evolved over the last few years with almost everything been driven and managed through Mobile Apps. From ordering a meal, booking a hotel and even requesting a taxi, Africa has not been left on this new trend of technology, the continent has seen some of its brilliant ideas being born.

One thing that most people have witnessed is that most Apps will occupy more space depending on its usage.

AfricaSokoni, a local e-commerce company in Kenya has launched a Progressive Web Application (PWA) it can be best described as a website that behaves exactly like a mobile app and doesn’t take too much from your phone like the old native apps.

PWA is a mobile App unlike the native mobile applications, which must be searched and then installed 

from Google or Apple App store, the AfricaSokoni App can be accessed through the AfricaSokoni website.

Once you are browsing on your mobile device either on Android or iOS Device as shown in the diagrams, go to , select the option of adding the app (AfricaSokoni PWA) on the home screen and just like that it can be used immediately.


This application also gives you the flexibility to receive push notification too at the same time saving you a lot of mobile memory. Now, that is a user experience on a new high.

The new Africasokoni progressive web App is aimed at redefining how we are shopping online and making it as seamless as possible, to achieve this the PWA app is made around the following principles.


The App is connectivity-independent but it does not mean that it will work offline, It is a web application after all, so naturally, internet network connection will be needed at some point in the application, especially when the application is visited for the first time. When the network is not available or too slow the PWA should still work on a device by utilizing the browser’s storage mechanisms and not reveal blank pages or 400 errors. 


  The AfricaSokoni PWA looks nice on any device. Whether the screen is wide, narrow, short or tall, the application layout scales and adjusts to your screen.


The Africasokoni (PWA) looks and feel like the native application is the best way to describe this principle. Some applications are built specifically for platforms like Android or iOS most often than not providing the experience as the web platform. The AfricaSokoni (PWA) aims to provide simmer experiences across ALL devices. Shoppers can switch from their phone to a laptop and accomplish the same task easily.


 What good is a shopping application if it is not safe to use? Most, if not all shopping web applications contain very sensitive information that should only be known to the communicating parties. Protecting the data shared with the application is necessary. The AfricaSokoni (PWA) Uses HTTPS protocols and added layers of security to the network traffic to make sure that all your data using the PWA is completely safe.


Push-Notifications are not everyone’s favorite feature in an app but. We like to turn them to let us you know when something interesting is happening, Offers, sales discounts etc. The (PWA) has this feature