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You are looking to buy a new TV that you can watch Netflix and Youtube on? or maybe your current TV is more than 10 years old (probably a Sony Bravia) which speakers are finally playing their last soundtrack and it’s over-all slowly degrading. You are however extremely happy with it’s build and how it has survived for so long. Therefore you really want a Tv with at least a similar life span. Well, this is for you.

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For this year’s International Women’s Day, We have decided to interview some of the fantastic women of AfricaSokoni, to celebrate and learn from their professional experiences and paths that can hopefully inspire a younger generation of female professionals in E-commerce.

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AfricaSokoni customer support number is +254 709616000

Want to get in touch with AfricaSokoni Customer Support, or share your feedback? Here is a handy list of the most convenient and accessible ways to contact AfricaSokoni.

Ebrima Fatty CEO of AfricaSokoni QA

Ebrima Fatty CEO of AfricaSokoni QA, recently sat down for an interview and shared some insights into founding a startup and how AfricaSokoni is redefine online shopping in Africa. Here’s some of our favorite quotes from the interview:

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