About Us

Redefining Online Shopping in Africa

We don’t claim to be pioneers of Online Shopping in Africa. Our journey has been made possible by those who came before us, and we are grateful to stand on their shoulders as we reach for the stars.

But online shopping in Africa needed redefinition, and we at have accepted the challenge.

Here’s how we are doing the redefinition. 

Africasokoni is fiercely Pan-African. We believe that Africa must do business with itself as well as with the world, but on its terms.

Far too long on far too many occasions Africans have been mere participants in commercial activities that are about them.

Africasokoni seeks to deliberately give agency and control back to the African, be he or she the buyer or the seller. 

Here’s the thing: we know Africa because we are Africans. The challenges of condescending vendor support, or unreliable order fulfillment and delivery for buyers are ones we understand intimately, having been online shoppers in Africa.

For our buyers, we seek to create a seamless, natural, and super easy online shopping experience that will ensure that what you order is what you get. Delivery will be on time and customer care will support the buyer all the way through the relatively short and easy shopping process. 

For the vendors, we undertake to offer a new reality between marketplaces and sellers. We will relate with respect and professionalism.

This is our promise to you.

Welcome, as we redefine online shopping in Africa together.

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